Private Spirit Medium Sessions 

If you have landed here it's because you might be interested in a Private Spirit Medium Session with me (Cindy).
Because I have a waitlist of almost 1 year and a half for one on one sessions (with both treatments and guidance), here are a few things to note before requesting a Spirit Medium session with me.

It is important for you to understand that nobody is “psychic”.
The only person that can predict your future is YOU!
Well actually that’s not true, I could sit and chat with you for about 10min and you tell me a little bit about yourself and I could absolutely predict your future but this would not be because of a psychic superpower, it would be because your thoughts, words and actions create your future and I have worked with enough people by now that it would not be very hard to figure it all out while spirit goes out on their lunch break.
If that’s what you are looking for, then great we can do that too! I love helping people and helping them identify what the root of what’s holding them back is and how to break free from it. But I want you to know that if you want Spirit to come through and predict your future, I hate to break it to you but it’s just not gonna happen.

On a similar note questions like “ Should I get a divorce” are usually best left for deep meditations or better yet, couple’s therapy.
If you are leaving the entire faith of your marriage in the hands of a psychic that you just met, what does that say about your marriage and you in the first place? Let’s book a healing session for this one, rather than a guidance session and we will help you make it through this challenging time and get clarity from a place of empowerment rather than desperation.

It is also important for you to understand that I truly believe that we are all “Mediums”. We are all born with the ability to communicate with the spirit world; many of us have just forgotten how or have blocked it off along the way. This is quite a normal process and is sometimes even necessary for us to develop from our teenage years into adulthood. Unless we lived in an environment that nurtured this gift, most of us have tuned it out. My goal is to help you re-connect with it.

Sessions are 1h - 1h30, which can go by quickly so to make the most out of your session, please come prepared to have discussions, ask questions and receive guidance. If you are coming in to sit and wait for me to prove to you that I can channel spirit, you’ve come to the wrong place. Come to a group session first to get to know my work and me. You will know that it is spirit by the words your loved ones use, the information that comes out during our session and the nudges, but if you sit there for 1hr waiting for me to say “Your grandmother says thank you for wearing her necklace today. “ Or “your grandfather says that you want me to give you the number 3 to prove that he’s really here”. Although I could do that, I simply won’t.

Your time and mine is sacred and private sessions are for those seeking very life changing deep healing and transformation.
If you book a session with me it’s because you already believe that we can all communicate with the spirit world and you are looking to re-connect with that power by having me channel spirit and your loved ones and by learning how you can channel them too.

Private sessions are for you if you are ready to identify what is holding you back from pure joy, optimal health and deep inner peace, if you need extra support during the sometimes difficult grieving process and/or if you are looking to learn the power of forgiveness and how to forgive. 

Private sessions are done online via Skype or FaceTime.
Or via telephone (you will be responsible to call in, long distance charges may apply.)  

The cost per session is $200 CAD (plus HST) 

*Naturotherapist receipt available upon request