Using the Law of Attraction and Intuition to create the ultimate healthy & sexy body !

3 Month Group Coaching on Mindset & Emotions for Weight Loss.

Who am I ?

I am Cindy O'Donnell 
Registered Massage Therapist, Cranio-Sacral Therapist, Emotional Therapist and Mindset & Perspective coach.
I help people re-connect with their Inner Being to clear away limiting beliefs and blocks holding them back
from a life of optimal health, wealth and wisdom.
I am an eating disorder survivor and am ready to share my body love journey with you
in order to help you heal your body image and diet disorders and/or diet disasters.

I am not a personal trainer, I am not a holistic nutritionist or dietician and
I am not affiliated with any supplement company.
Although if these are resources and people that you will decide that you need along your journey,
I do have a network of amazing people that I know, like and trust and I am happy to refer you in their direction.

I am the coach that will help you unlock the secret to weight loss that many other methods often don't include.


Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo, Gluten Free, Intermittent Fasting, Body for Life, Master Cleanse.
You name it, I tried it!

It wasn't until I learned about alignment and how truly powerful it is that I started to see results. Once I found alignment, the results came fast!

Having an eating disorder doesn't mean you are skinny.

Eating Disorders don’t always look like a frail and fragile body.
Eating Disorders can look like a strong and confident person, it can look like an overweight person, it can look like everything and anything in between.
Did you know that you can be extremely malnourished and still be overweight?
Eating Disorders just like any other mental health obstacle is not something that you simply “get over”, it is something that with love, patience, support and a whole lot of emotions, determination and drive, a person can learn to live with and ultimately win the inner battle.

The “ I love and accept myself just as I am.” Mantra was super helpful for awhile… until it wasn’t.
I ended up loving and accepting myself into a very unhealthy weight that made my physical body incapable of doing some of the things that I love with joy and freedom including allowing myself to be in a happy and healthy relationship/being loved.
You see, mantras work but they also sometimes work as a camouflage or an easy way out to healing a deeper-rooted emotion that needs your attention and needs clearing because it no longer serves you.

If you take a pile of poop and you add glitter and perfume to it, it may smell better and be prettier but it’s still a pile of poop deep down!
If you are ready to drop the glitter and perfume and want someone to support you as you clean up the crap that no longer serves you,
let's go!

Here's what I learned

Alignment is the only way to fun and sustainable weight loss.

Emotional baggage can literally weigh you down.

An enlightened mindset will literally lighten you up... Body, Mind and Spirit.

Exclusive VIP offer !

Although my results so far have been ridiculously amazing and I feel fantastic,
I am still on my journey.

This program will officially launch at the full price point once I reach my goals
and complete the resources page as well as fine tune
anything that needs to be added or removed based on group feedback.

What that means for YOU?
In the meantime, in exchange for your testimonial
and to help me create a high vibe supportive community,

I am offering this amazing program at a huge discount price for the first 10 people who sign up!

Regular Price $1200 

Your VIP Special Promotional Price:

$500 - the first 5 people to sign up.
$600 - the next 5 people to sign up.

Join this transformational and life changing 3 month group!

It's time to take back your power.

It's time to live in your ultimate Body.

Your 12 Week program includes:

Weekly Group Coaching calls.
Mindset Training.
Somato-Emotional Techniques to clear your emotional blocks.
Goal Setting in alignment with your true desires.
Healthy Recipes (ingredients and directions without the 10 paragraph story).
Exclusive Facebook online community/group.
Morning Practice exercises and templates.
Guided Meditations.
and more...

But ....

No butts, just results
and the super sexy butt you will have on the beach !!