to your Blissful Fairytale

I'm Cindy O’Donnell, 
Your Very own Magical Fairy Godmother!
Together, let’s transform your once upon a time into your own Happily Ever After.

I empower purpose driven women to create and live a life of optimal health, wealth and wisdom by embracing their unique past and tapping into their truth and spirituality.

Princess or not, you can have it all... inside & out !

Are you looking for ...

Fun & Fulfillment?

Have you forgotten how to have fun?
In the busy world of career goals, fitness classes and super-mom hustle, it is very common for us to put ourselves last.
Do you feel like maybe you just can't have it all?  Well, you CAN have it all !!

Fun & Fulfilment is for you if you:
*Want to overcome overwhelm. 
*Don't have enough hours in a day.
*Searching for your life purpose.
*Think "there's got to be more than this".
*Finances are always holding you back.
*You can't sleep at night because your mind won't stop spinning.

"It's kind of fun to do the impossible"
- Walt Disney

Freedom & Forgiveness

Freedom & Forgiveness is for you
if you want to learn how to:

Forgive Others:
People who did you wrong, people who don’t live up to your standards and expectations.

Forgive Yourself:
Negative self talk, past mistakes, living a lie or beating yourself up all the time, feeling guilt and shame.

Forgive the Universe:
Why me?
The universe isn’t testing you.

The Law of Attraction is always working, what is your blueprint manifesting for you?

"If you think a moment of forgiveness is hard, try a lifetime of regret."
- Cindy O'Donnell

Destiny after Death

Death and life after loss can take on many forms, all of which can leave us feeling lost and in constant search for closure. 
Grief can sometimes transform into feelings of sadness, guilt and regret and can even manifest as physical body illness.

Destiny after Death is for you if you are looking for guidance with:

Death of a Relationship

Death of a Friendship
Death of a Loved one
Death of an old identity
(who you used to be).
A spiritual path is calling your name but it's all so overwhelming and you aren't sure where to start. 

Let us discover your "what now" and map out your desires into your unique destiny. 

"Life has to end... Love does not."

When we allow ourselves to fully step into our authenticity,  
we experience next level transformations.

A multi-faceted intuitive health practitioner and International speaker/trainer, Cindy O’Donnell was born and raised in the village of Memramcook, New Brunswick Canada. ​
Fluent in both English and in French, she graduated with honors from the Atlantic College of Therapeutic Massage in 2007 with special certifications in Pregnancy Massage, Doula, Child & Infant Massage and HypnoBirthing. She has since become certified in Craniosacral Therapy & Somato-Emotional Release and is a teaching assistant with the Upledger Institute in Palm Beach Florida for these modalities. ​
A strong believer in lifelong learning, in 2015 she also completed a 300 hour Yin & Yang Yoga Teacher Training.

Deeply spiritual and finely attuned to the energies that surround all things, Cindy uses mindfulness coaching, bodywork, Reiki and her intuitive gift of mediumship & channeling to help people empower and educate themselves to live happy and healthy lives by healing and reconnecting their mind, body, and spirit. ​ She guides her clients towards optimal health and balance through healing sessions, works with children in her Kini Kids programs, and helps others to unlock their self-healing potential through leadership and personal development
workshops and seminars Internationally. ​

Despite her years of science-based training, Cindy’s greatest goal is to make healing and spirituality simple and fun! Her mission is to empower everyone to live a life of optimal health, wealth and wisdom by owning their truth and reconnecting to their intuition. ​ Through her close connection with local children’s charities, Cindy gives back to her community and hopes to someday create a charity foundation with her Karma Kids program at Kini Wellness. ​
Cindy O’Donnell is the founder of KINI Wellness in Moncton NB.
Kini Wellness is proud to be the very first Float Therapy Spa in New Brunswick!

Ready to find out how
Cindy can help you
discover and experience
magic in your life?

Praise & Love from clients